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A buzzing enterprise flies on the wings of honeybees from a quiet ridge in the hills of Kentucky. Candle Bee Farm™ began as a quest for a more natural, serene and nontoxic way of living. Heidi Sanner, founder and managing member, is an eclectic personality who literally dreamed this venture into bee-ing.

Beekeeper Heidi Sanner shares the elements of her craft at a workshop.


Heidi, who formerly worked as a CPA in one of the largest national firms, has turned an 83 acre farm and beekeeping activity into a thriving beeswax candle business. She calls it "Commerce with a Conscience...Candle Bee Farm™ is my opportunity to pull from all areas of my life, my business experience, love of nature and organic lifestyle and create products that are good for people. It is very rewarding."

Ms. Sanner walks her talk. She is a raw food vegetarian, beekeeper and crafter of unique beeswax candles utilizing molding and press techniques developed by her ancestors. "My great grandfather had a large apiary in Germany. Beeswax crafting and raw honey are a family tradition I have resurrected for the Candle Bee Farm™ line of products." The candles are 100% Beeswax, all natural with no additives or artificial ingredients. They naturally possess the rich aroma of honey. Heidi states that hardeners, scents and other waxes are toxic and irritating to the respiratory systems of adults, children and pets. "Even essential oils are not meant to be burned and inhaled," she says. "Just think about the chemical breakdown that is occurring and being assimilated into an enclosed room and our bodies." When beeswax burns, it is all consumed and, therefore, smokeless and without soot. Candle Bee dinner tapers and plain pillars burn dripless if kept from draft. 100% Beeswax Candles burn up to five times longer than other waxes or wax combinations making them very cost effective.

As Candle Bee Farm™ has grown, so has its far reaching benefits. The demand for these all natural, beautiful candles exceeded the wax production of the family farm. Therefore, Heidi searches out select beekeepers from whom she obtains raw wax. This is not an easy task as she insists on pure, domestic sources who utilize little if any chemicals. This ensures beeswax cappings from healthy hives that are naturally disease and mite resistant and supports natural farming methods.

Pure beeswax is a renewable, natural resource. Bees fill honeycomb with honey and cap it with more beeswax for safekeeping. Beekeepers scrape these cappings from the tops of the comb cells to extract honey. The comb is then returned to the bees for their continued use. The cappings are rinsed in water, melted in a solar melter and filtered several times until clean. The beeswax is gravity filtered and no chemicals are used in the cleaning or filtration processes. Clean beeswax is then poured into molds. Pouring at proper temperatures and room conditions produces the most wonderful candles in existence.

Bees are kept naturally at Candle Bee Farm™ without the use of chemicals. Over several generations, the bees have become disease and mite resistant. The queens are never terminated or replaced. Worker bees will instinctively replace a queen when it is time to do so. Heidi has found that allowing this practice actually results in higher honey flow and less work for the beekeeper! Candle Bee Farm™ extracts RAW honey (never heated above normal beehive temperatures of 105 degrees Fahrenheit) with all of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals intact. Yum! By the way, did you know that the worker bees are all female? Wow, talk about the sacred feminine! What a high to watch these girls work and communicate.

A portion of the proceeds from Candle Bee Farm™ candle sales are donated to charities benefitting children and various nature and wildlife concerns.

If you are interested in obtaining an interview, running a feature or release about Heidi Sanner and/or Candle Bee Farm™, please contact us via  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Heidi is also available for speaking engagements and seminars on topics such as: natural beekeeping, a living foods lifestyle, manifesting your dreams, recognizing the signs - integrating your life and livelihood.

Experience hand crafted quality from our Kentucky Ridge. Non-toxic, unscented, lead free. CandleBee tapers, plain pillars and votive styles are dripless. Choose solid poured or rolled honeycomb, all natural gifts from the honey bees. There is only one Candle Bee Farm but we are often called Candle Bee Farms or CandleBeeFarms. By any name, we are here for your health with pure Beeswax creations (sometimes spelled Bees Wax Candles, BeeswaxCandles or BeeWax for search purposes). Remember to select an organic herbal or lavender sachet, bouquet or wreath for a lovely compliment to your natural atmosphere.
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