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Buyer Bee-ware:
Questions to ask your Beeswax Candle Maker

Is the product 100% Beeswax?

Candle Bee Farm™ candles are 100% Beeswax with no additives. Many companies put additives or hardeners into the wax to make it set up faster and have a smoother finish. Most also coat their molds with a toxic mold release or spray. Candle Bee™ artisans pour at exact temperatures and wait a full 4 hours for natural wax set up. The long cooling allows time for shrinkage so the candles may be easily removed from the molds. The molds are properly seasoned by use and require no artificial release sprays. Candle Bee™ candles have a velvet finish that is soft and appealing to the eye and the touch.


Where do you get the Beeswax?

This is very important. Beeswax can be imported at a low price. Imported bee products are banned in many countries (but not the U.S.A.) due to the presence of toxic chemicals. These chemicals are used in beehives to ward off pests and disease and are unregulated in many places. Toxic chemical use is even allowed by some states in the U.S.A. with warning labels for 'proper' use. Candle Bee Farm™ only uses beeswax generated here on the farm and from select domestic sources for candle making. Toxic chemicals should not be burned and inhaled. Therefore, we are very careful not to use imported or questionable wax. We also utilize solar melt methods that release any possible residuals before filtering and candle pouring begins. Ah, the warm, healing energy of the sun! Solar melting the wax vaporizes impurities leaving a pure, clean product. Most companies use steam melt machines in which possible residual chemicals can fail to be released and remain in the wax.

How does the Candle get its honey scent?

Pure beeswax has a subtle, clean honey aroma. Some companies add scents to make their candles more appealing. These scents can cause soot when burned. At Candle Bee™, we believe that 100% beeswax is such a marvelous component that no additives are necessary to enhance its appeal. No fragrances are added; thereby assuring a hypoallergenic candle that is easy on the respiratory system and will not make you sneeze. Please remember that even essential oils are not meant to be burned and inhaled. The only wax that is proven to be nontoxic is 100% Beeswax. Protect yourselves and the children and animals who share your world.


What kind of wicking is used?

Candle Bee Farm™ uses only all cotton wicks. Bee careful, as synthetic and metal cored wicks are very toxic and emit smoke, soot and lead. Unfortunately, they are popular with candle makers for their lower price and ease of use. Synthetic wicks are utilized by manufacturers of machine made candles because they are stiffer and can maintain their placement in the mold. Candle Bee™ artisans pour each candle by hand. All cotton wicks are centered by sight and feel and are held in place with clips until the candle is fully cooled.


Is it dripless?

100% Beeswax burns dripless if kept from draft and the candle is of a consistent shape relative to the size of the wick. All Candle Bee Farm™ tapers and plain pillars possess this coveted quality. When 100% Beeswax burns, it is consumed by the fire of the flame. Other waxes disintegrate into toxic components and are released into the room or melt into drippings.

What is the burn rate?

Candle Bee Farm™ 100% Beeswax candles burn up to 5 times longer than other waxes or wax combinations. Therefore, they are of exceptional value.

Why are some beeswax candles covered with a whitish residue?

Persons new to beeswax candles are often perplexed by the appearance of a whitish deposit forming on their candles over time. This is called "bloom". It is the action of the natural minerals rising to the candle surface. Some people like bloom, as it is an assurance of high quality 100% beeswax and gives the candle an antique appeal. If a shinier surface or more contemporary look is preferred, simply wipe the bloom off with a lint free cloth (nylon hosiery is perfect for this task) or carefully warm it for a few seconds with a hair dryer.


What is the proper color for Beeswax?

Candle makers come up with every kind of hype to promote their particular shade of beeswax from "cream" to "honey brown." The color of the wax depends on the source and the cleanliness. Beeswax with a brownish or dull tint is usually old useless, wax scraped from diseased hives. This darkened wax should be discarded as it is of no use to the bees. Often, due to its source, brownish tinged wax contains chemical residues. Such wax is sold cheap to wax processors in an effort by beekeepers to squeeze some pennies out of a useless mess. At the opposite end of the scale is the "cream" or "white" wax which may be the result of bleaching or chemical filtering (read about white wax below). The fact is that bees forage and bring nectar and pollen into the hive. This stains the honeycomb to a brilliant golden color. The comb is filled with honey and capped with whitish beeswax when ripened. Candle Bee Farm™ processors always return the honeycomb to the bees. The candles are made from the honey cappings...fresh, clean beeswax scraped from the tops of the comb cells when extracting the honey. Therefore, Candle Bee Farm™ wax is of the finest color you will find. It is a golden wax with a slight yellow-orange tint, much like the sun. Pure, natural beauty!


How do you get the White Beeswax white?

When the beeswax is generated by the wax glands in the abdomen of the bee it originally comes out creamy white. The foraging worker bees bring nectar and pollen into the hive thereby staining the wax to a golden hue. The beeswax can be filtered back to white. There are many ways to do this. Most companies use a bleach or chemical filtration process. You can tell this is the case if the candles are very white and bright. Candle Bee™ 'white' wax is a soft, ivory white color. To achieve this the beeswax is filtered five times using natural cloths and a trade secret natural substance that has been crushed to a powder to absorb the pollens from the wax. It is very simple, very natural and has been used in our family for bleaching, no chemicals needed.


What about colored candles?

Colors are colors and dyes are dyes. The source does not matter because neither is meant to be burned or inhaled. Candle Bee Farm™ recommends the natural and white beeswax candles to enhance your atmosphere and well being. The few colored candles we offer are made for wholesalers who demand colors for their display. Fine candles, yes. But, thankfully, beeswax candle customers are voting with their wallets and the all natural products outsell the colored ones 95 to 1! Viva la Planetary Health! Only natural and white candles are used in the Candle Bee Farm™ cottage.


More Buzz about Beeswax

Enhance your atmosphere and well-being with the vibrational energy of the bees. Beeswax is the only naturally existing wax on earth. It is as pure and perfect as everything in the world of bees and a marvelous, renewable resource. 100% beeswax burns clean and actually emits negative ions that clean the air. It does not contain toxic petrochemicals and burns without soiling smoke or soot. The all natural alternative with a long burning, virtually dripless just makes sense. Candle Bee Farm™ 100% Beeswax Candles will light up your life!

Experience hand crafted quality from our Kentucky Ridge. Non-toxic, unscented, lead free. CandleBee tapers, plain pillars and votive styles are dripless. Choose solid poured or rolled honeycomb, all natural gifts from the honey bees. There is only one Candle Bee Farm but we are often called Candle Bee Farms or CandleBeeFarms. By any name, we are here for your health with pure Beeswax creations (sometimes spelled Bees Wax Candles, BeeswaxCandles or BeeWax for search purposes). Remember to select an organic herbal or lavender sachet, bouquet or wreath for a lovely compliment to your natural atmosphere.