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Ms. Sanner walks her talk. She is a raw food vegetarian, beekeeper and crafter of unique beeswax candles utilizing molding and press techniques developed by her ancestors. "My great grandfather had a large apiary in Germany. Beeswax crafting and raw honey are a family tradition I have resurrected for the Candle Bee Farm™ line of products."

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Candle Bee Farm™ began as a brick and stone cottage nestled high on a rural ridge. The gentle rolling acres are teaming with wildlife and natural beauty perfect for a healthy, spiritual and more natural lifestyle.

Gentle breezes, hilltop ponds and the abundance of locust trees, blackberries, wildflowers and clover make the place a honey bee heaven. Family history is rich with beekeepers and the tradition continues on this beautiful farm. Here the bees enjoy good health without the use of chemicals or refined sugars in the hives. This is in keeping with our simple lifestyle. In fact, we have found that this way of beekeeping actually yields higher honey and wax production in the long run. The bees develop a natural resistance to disease and pests resulting in health benefits and less work for the beekeeper.


We return the honeycomb to the bees each year. However, the high honey yields leave us with a lot of wax from the honey cappings. The cottage atmosphere lends itself to candle light and we demand candles that are non-toxic and do not make us sneeze! Thus began the candle-making endeavor.

100% beeswax candles burn brighter and up to 5 times longer than other waxes or wax combinations making them an exceptional value. Candle Bee Farm™ 100% beeswax candles are all natural and burn clean. The dinner tapers and plain pillars burn virtually dripless if kept from draft. The self-trimming wicks are sized for a proper burn and are all cotton with no synthetics or metals.

Every handcrafted 100% beeswax candle from Candle Bee Farm™ is a tribute to nature’s bounty. A man once picked up one of these beauties and exclaimed, “Wow, that’s no ordinary candle. You hold it and it touches you back!” The weight and velvet feel of pure 100% beeswax transmits the vibrational energy of the bees.

beesandhive We believe that 100% beeswax is such a marvelous natural wonder that the only improvement possible comes from the imagination of beekeeper artisans. We love cultivating this renewable natural resource for your enjoyment. Practical as well as decorative, Candle Bee Farm™ 100% Beeswax Candles are meant to burn, not just for show. Purify and enhance your atmosphere and well being with the wax of choice for centuries. It just makes sense. They will light up your life.

We invite you to share in the simple way of life and expanded our product offerings to include Honey in the Raw™ (bottled raw honey), a selection of honey candies and natural canine products for your furry friends. Please check out these products while browsing the site.

Candle Bee Farm™ products are available through this website or at fine retail shops across the U.S.A. Demand for candles of a non-toxic nature is growing as consumers become more health conscious and awaken to the dangers of inhaled chemical components. Even natural essential oils are not meant to be burned and inhaled! Thank you for supporting our ‘commerce with a conscience’ ideal. As the candle business continues to grow, we are able to provide value added income to select farmers for their wax. Only 100% bee products are used from approved domestic sources. We are happy to be involved with promoting natural beekeeping, enhancing the environment and supporting organic horticultural efforts. Together we can repair the earth and ourselves.

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Experience hand crafted quality from our Kentucky Ridge. Non-toxic, unscented, lead free. CandleBee tapers, plain pillars and votive styles are dripless. Choose solid poured or rolled honeycomb, all natural gifts from the honey bees. There is only one Candle Bee Farm but we are often called Candle Bee Farms or CandleBeeFarms. By any name, we are here for your health with pure Beeswax creations (sometimes spelled Bees Wax Candles, BeeswaxCandles or BeeWax for search purposes). Remember to select an organic herbal or lavender sachet, bouquet or wreath for a lovely compliment to your natural atmosphere.